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Jack Vale Films

I Got Punched For Farting!

I got punched in the middle of Target for farting to close to an old man's wife. Props to the guy for defending his wife, but sheesh, he may have over-reacted a little! GET POOTERS HERE▻http://go...

Farting In An Elevator 4

Jack Vale farted in an elevator again. Then he got upset. You can buy an original Pooter at http://WWW.THEPOOTER.COM This video was filmed at the Kodak Theater in Hollywood, CA by Bobby...

Elevator Farts 1

Me, Greg and Ed, FARTING IN AN ELEVATOR in Hollywood! Check out my friends here: EDBASSMASTER MEDIOCREFILMS

Farting Old Man Returns!

I got dressed as "OLD MAN HARRY" again and brought the POOTER. I had a bit of an attitude this time when farting around people. Shop for a Pooter here: This mask...

Husband Mistreats Pregnant Wife [Experiment]

I had my wife help me put lumber in our truck, even though she was pregnant! Watch Jack Vale:Offline Tuesdays 10PM ET/PT on HLN! More info about Jack Vale:Offline here▻

Social Media Experiment

Using the power of Social Media, I FREAKED PEOPLE OUT by making them think I knew personal information about them! Join the Vale Nation▻ Here is more from Social...

Sued For Farting!

I guess I "Farted All Over Her" so she's calling her lawyer. BUY A POOTER HERE:

Farting When People Are Trapped In A Car!

As a car salesman, I farted inside a car when I lured people inside and closed the doors. Buy A Pooter here! Also subscribe to my second channel here!:

Epic Crying Baby Prank!

I put my old man mask in a baby carrier with a blanket over it and sat it down on a bench. I also planted an IPHONE that played a constant baby cry. I walked away from it and captured the crazy...

The Pooter Episode 109 #FartPranks

Farting in public with THE POOTER. Click here for my website:

Farting In An Elevator 5

I farted in an elevator again. I used a Pooter.

Exposing Bad Customer Service

Have you ever called a store just to be quickly shut down by customer service? Well today I wanted to see what the employees really do when they put you on hold... SUBSCRIBE!▻

Elevator Farts 2

Me and Ed Bassmaster went to Hollywood and farted in an elevator at the Kodak Theater. This is a follow up to "Elevator Farts" which you can check out here:

How To Get Out Of A Cop Car! [Prank!]

In case you ever find yourself in the back of a police car here's a tip to get out! We rented a cop car for the day to see if anyone would let us out. Watch Jack Vale:Offline Tuesdays 10PM...

Farting on Beach Babes

What a beautiful day to fart on beach babes. Buy a Pooter at


Rewarding Good Customer Service!

Say thank you when employees go out of their way to help you. SUBSCRIBE!▻ FOLLOW ME! Twitter▻ Facebook▻ Instagram▻...

Parent Teacher Conference PRANK with Edbassmaster

Me, Ed Bassmaster and my son Jake Vale pulled the most elaborate prank to date! ON A TEACHER at my son's school! Many more like this to come! Check out Ed Bassmaster at


I farted in an elevator again. All fart noises are being made with THE POOTER. You can buy a Pooter at Thanks for watching...please rate, comment and SUBSCRIBE!

Extreme Farting in Public

EXTREME Farting in Times Square! NYC Buy a Pooter here!

Farting Teacher Hidden Camera Jack was teacher for a day. You can buy a Pooter at

The Pooter Volume 4 FARTING IN PUBLIC!

You can purchase a Pooter by clicking this link!: The most realistic fart sound you have ever heard! Funny reactions from people who THINK I just farted in public!

Elevator Farts 3

Farting in an elevator with Rahat in Hollywood!! Check out MagicOfRahat's Channel!

Fart And Run!

I farted on people, then ran away! Buy Pooters here:

The Farting Old Man!

Old Man Farts in public. Buy a Pooter at Mask created by

I'm Not Gay Prank

Me and Roman Atwood told people we weren't gay. For no reason whatsoever. Check out Roman's channel here:

Vaseline High Five Prank!

Here's PART 2! Thanks for watching guys! Please share with your friends! Check out UncleJohnTV: Check out MagicofRahat:...

Colonoscopy Prank!

Can you believe the random objects I found in their colons? Colon Cancer is one of the few cancers you can do something about because it's largely preventable when detected early! Talk to your...

Farting At The Beach

I took my Pooter to Huntington Beach, CA and farted on people! And it was fun. Buy A Pooter here:

The Casket Prank!

We brought a casket into our garage and scared some people for a few days. It took a bit to talk my wife into bringing an actual coffin into our home so you guys voting UP will help justify...

Old Man Making Out

It's no big deal when 2 love birds show affection for each other in public right? IT IS when HE'S 100 years old and SHE'S 30! I wore a Hollywood style, Special Effects old man mask and kissed...

Sh*t On Yourself

BUY A POOTER!▻ Join the Vale Nation▻ Watch MORE Videos▻ This lady was so funny! She hates me. Facebook▻...

Farting in Wal Mart with THE POOTER Here are some random clips of me farting in public with The Pooter. The DVD is also now available so please check out my website and buy it for just 5 bucks!

The Drive Thru Switch Prank!

When the drive thru workers bring my food, I change into a completely different person. I mean, COMPLETELY DIFFERENT! Check out Greg Davis Jr. : Subscribe...

Jack Vale and Ed Bassmaster FART

I was out in Philly with Ed, and we were productive as always. We farted in stores. If you would like to make videos like this, GO BUY A POOTER! Also, check out http://ww...


Farting In Long Beach!!!

I'm using my POOTER to fart in Long Beach. Get them here! Get Pooters▻ Join the Vale Nation▻ Facebook▻

Scamming the Elderly Online

These companies make me sick. Share this video with your grandparents and the rest of your family so they don't get scammed. SUBSCRIBE!▻

Freaking People Out With Siri!

Talking to Siri in public can be extremely awkward and embarrassing! Especially when you say the crap out loud that I said! WATCH THE FULL CLIP▻ PRANK YOU▻

Epic Grim Reaper Prank!

I got up on stilts for this one! There's nothing quite like an 8 FOOT Grim Reaper to scare the crap out of people on Halloween! Enjoy! Behind the Scenes Reaper!

Farting Old Man Is Back!

Old Man Harry went out and told some hilarious one-liners while FARTING IN PUBLIC with The Pooter! Click this link to buy your own POOTER! Music is by Kevin MacLeod.

Brother Sister Make Out Prank!

I took my fake kids out in public and they made out with each other. Some people may say that brothers and sisters should never make out...with each other, but...they were just acting for a...

Running From The Russian Hitman

Special Guest VITALYZDTV. I ask people for directions (IN A PANIC) and run away. Then Vitalty poses as a russian hitman to ask these people if they have seen me. This was really fun. Behind...

Farting In Public - POOTER PRANKS [EP. 1] FIREMEN EDITION!!! - Jack Vale Prank

Farting In Public with My POOTER! Pranked these firefighters. Also farted on the bank teller! Thanks for watching my prank videos! GET POOTERS HERE▻ SUBSCRIBE▻

Interrupting Telemarketers (Phone Prank)

An Online Pharmacy called me trying to sell me some drugs but I kept interrupting them. Then he got rude with me. I had SO MUCH FUN WITH THIS CALL! HERE'S A LINK TO THE ENTIRE RAW 16 MINUTE...

The Disappearing Soda Prank

The soda keeps disappearing. FOLLOW ME! Twitter▻ Facebook▻ Instagram▻ Vine▻

Extreme Laughing in an Elevator!

Sometimes we go into an elevator and tell each other stupid stories and laugh loud! SUBSCRIBE TO JACK▻ SUBSCRIBE TO CHRISTIAN▻

Nsa Webcam Spying Prank

I hacked into my friends and family's webcam and spied on them to demonstrate how easy it is for Hackers and even the government, to spy on people. Messing with the people I love was awesome!...

The Pooter! (I Farted In Her Ear)

Farts are funny! And most of these people thought so too. Buy your own Pooter and fake fart on people▻ SUBSCRIBE!▻ New Price Pooters▻...