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Film Riot

Film Riot - Learn FX Secrets From Exorcist and "From Hell"

Want to learn how to cut someone's throat like in "From Hell"? Wish you could projectile vomit like in the Exorcist? Learn the makeup and prop secrets of special effects film makers in this...

$10 DIY Camera Slider!

For pro sliders check out Kessler Crane! It's the most requested DIY build we've gotten yet! So today we finally throw together a cheap and easy build for a...

Film Riot - Paranormal Activity: San Fran Premier and Trailer

Full Trailer, movie footage and audience response from scary, horror movie "Paranormal Activity", an indy film picked up by Spielberg and Dreamworks, and ready to be released theatrically....

Quicksilver Super Speed Effect!

Learn how to easily pull off the Quick Silver Super Speed effect from X-Men: Days of Future Past!

Film Riot Trailer

A short promo for Film Riot.

The Frozen in Time Effect!

Pimp Your Production: Today Ryan finally shows how the guys pulled off the final VFX shot from the latest episode of Pimp Your Production! **New...

Best Films of 2016

We look back at our favorite films from 2016! Theme Song by Hello Control: **New Episodes Every Monday and Thursday** Like, Favorite and SHARE today's episode!...

$25 DIY Dual Shoulder Mount

Last week we made a DIY shoulder mount. This week we wanted to take it up a notch and try something we haven't seen done before. What we came up with is something we call the Film Riot .50...

Follow Focus for Five Bucks?!

NEW SHIRTS! Today Ryan talks about pulling focus, including his favorite follow focus system, a few tips for a sharper image, and a $5 DIY Follow Focus! Letus Direct:...

LOSSES - (A Short Action Film)

WATCH FULL SCREEN! Losses is a short film Written/Directed/Shot/Edited by Film Riot's Ryan Connolly ( Shot for less than $200 in an extremely short amount...

Special Effects vs Visual Effects: Bullet Hits!

Learn how to create Hollywood style ground bullet hits on a low budget!

Ghost House (A Horror Movie in Real Life)

For best quality, make sure you press the cog and watch in 4K! Digital copy with over 2 hours of additional content:

How to Make Yourself Fly!

Tackling some more Man of Steel Effects, today we show you how to fly like Superman! Particular: Ryan's twitter:

How To: Basic Cinematography Tips!

In our ongoing talk about lighting, today, we break down two set-ups: one day and one night. Plus, we look at some basic cinematography ideas. FilmRiot Twitter...

How to Make a Pipe Bomb!

Today we build a DIY pipe time-bomb prop and show how to add a digital countdown to the face. GET HOLLYWOOD GUN PACK

Film Riot - How to Make a Music Video

Click here for the full music video Go behind the scene to see what went into Ryan making his first music video.

Shoot a Film With an iPhone and FiLMiC Pro!

Today we create a short sketch using an iPhone 4S as our only camera! Then, we show you how to get that kind of quality from your cell phone! FloLight: Triune...

Film Riot - Learn How to Make Your Own Zombie Movie!

Ryan shows how to create cheap / easy zombie makeup and gore. Learn how to show a zombie bite a chunk out of someones neck without using computer effects. After getting stabbed to death by...

Film Riot - How to Build a Camera Jib for Under $200

Learn how to build a DIY jib for under $200 and Josh finds out that he has a stalker!

The Best iPhone Apps for Filmmakers!

Ryan busts out his favorite iPhone apps for filmmakers! Like, Favorite and SHARE today's episode! FilmRiot

How to: Teleportation

Today, Josh figures out he can still Teleport! Shockwave: Motion Pulse: Bundle Pack: https://w...

PROXiMITY (A Short Film by Ryan Connolly)

Get a high quality version of the film with over 1 HOUR OF SPECIAL FEATURES, including the On-Set Experience, VFX evolution and an in depth Director Commentary:

Portal Combat

Download HitFilm 3 Express now for free at To recreate the effects in Portal Combat, go to HitFilm's YouTube channel:

Real Gone (a short film by Seth Worley)

COLLABORATORS Adobe Software: HP: RODE mics: Lens Pro To Go: Kessler: http://www.kesslercrane...

How to Shoot a Scene! - Film Riot

Today Ryan talks about coverage, and how to use it to properly shoot a scene. Plus, Is Josh a wizard?

Film Riot - Jump Over a Car Like Kobe Bryant - Film Riot Tutorial

Film FX Tutorial: In a popular Nike Ad, Kobe Bryant leaps over an Aston Martin car in motion. But he doesn't really. Learn to simulate someone leaping over a car in this episode of Film Riot...

Film Riot - How To GREEN SCREEN! - Special Effects Tutorial

Learn how to set up and key out green screens like the pros!

How to Make a Trailer!

Ryan shows his process of making trailers! Triune's Trailer Music Pack: COUPON CODE: TRAILER10 Gun...

The RED EPIC! - Film Riot

Tom Guilmette's review of the Epic: Ryan has the RED EPIC on loan from the good people of Kessler Crane, so... Now he will break it out to show you the basics of how the camera...

Film Riot - Make Movie Rain Without Getting Wet

Film Production Tips: Learn how to get great looking movie rain for $20! This funny tutorial shows you how to get someone soaking wet - without ruining your expensive equipment! It's called...

U.F.Oh Yeah (Sci-fi short film)

Get the poster and On-Set Experience: COLLABORATORS Adobe Software: HP: RODE mics: Lens Pro To Go: http://www.l...

Drive Fast Without Driving Fast!

Look like your breaking the speed limit without breaking any laws! Plus we pull off an effect from the new Drive video game!

Learn to Do a Slow Motion Gun Shot!

Emily returns for vengeance on the guys... But will Ryan get his slushy? Plus learn how to get your own Zack Snyder style slow-mo gun shot! **New Episodes Every Monday and Thursday** Like,...

Camera Techniques for Better Filmmaking! - Film Riot

Go here for the chance to get a FREE t-shirt and a signed Film Riot mini poster!!! Today Ryan covers the basics of camera techniques, including the emotional effect...

$277 Fig Rig vs $55 Spider Steady

Today Ryan explains what a fig rig is, what you can use it for, and how it stacks up against the Spider Steady! Buy the Fig Rig: DIY Fig Rig:

How to make Stylized Film Titles!

Today, the guys get 'Guy Ritchie Disease'! And Ryan shows how to do the Guy Ritchie freeze frame effect! Film Riot Color Presets: **New Episodes Every Monday and...

Film Riot - Zombie Apocalypse!

Last time we showed you fast and cheap zombie effects. This week we take it up a notch to show you how to get much better zombie results.

Put a Helicopter in Your Film!

Today Ryan shows how you can put a Helicopter, Jet or any other kind of vehicle in your film using visual and special effects!

How to Freeze Time Cheaply!

Today we give a much more simple alternative to last weeks time freeze effect! And Stark is shirtless....

Film Riot - Halloween Special: Finding the Real Paranormal Activity

Film Riot goes to two different haunted locations that are known for their paranormal activity. From a haunted hotel to a haunted ice rink, the night gets crazier as it goes on. After seeing...

Realistic Guns for Cheap!

Today we show how to take a $10 toy gun and make it work for your film. Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales: November 28th and December 1st! Gun Sound Effects:...

Quick Tips

The Meaning Behind Camera Movement!

DIY Dolly: DIY Jib: Pimp Your Production:

Film Riot - Make Your Own Cheap Camera Dolly!!

Secret Film Making Tip: How to build a DIY track dolly to create smooth motion, pans and actor tracks. Don't spend thousands, this cheap solution is easy to do! Also a simple audio secret...

Film Riot - How to Film Realistic, Bloody Gunshots

A good, bloody, gory gunshot can really make your zombie, horror or suspense movie shine. Find out how to simulate a gunshot wound, with lots of fake blood, in this episode of film riot. ...

Gear for a Pro Shoot!

Ryan breaks down the Pro Gear he used on a recent project! C500 Breakdown: Lens Pro To Go: Kessler Kwik Release:...

F-Stop, Shutter Speed & ISO Explained!

Today we go back to some filmmaking 101 with explanations for the three most important camera setting to know: F-Stop, Shutter Speed and ISO setting!

Denoising your Footage: Neat Video vs Denoiser II

Today we compare the Neat Video noise reduction plug-in to Red Giant's Denoiser II. Check out our store page: Denoiser II:

Film Riot - Make Your Own War Film!

Film Riot makes their first serious action short film! And then shows you how to do it.